Where I stand on issues facing Albertans

Bettina Pierre-Gilles

When nominated, I am committed to working on behalf of every Constituent of Calgary-Currie.

This is where I stand on issues facing our Constituents and Albertans:

Energy and Economy:

  • Support for sustainable oil and gas development.
  • Support for a return to fiscal responsibility and balanced budgets.
  • Support for restoring the Alberta Advantage for citizens and corporations.
  • Support for building a strong business environment to bring back investor confidence.



  • Strongly support educational choice: I have home-schooled, sent my kids to private and public school!
  • Support revamping the existing curriculum to make it content-heavy.
  • Maintaining our existing schools is important.
  • Strong belief that all Alberta students can develop their full potential with the help of our exceptional teachers.


Our Calgary-Currie:

  • Support of local businesses, their growth, goals, and sustainability.
  • I want to be the voice that brings forward issues facing our constituency to the Legislature.


Our Leader and Party:

  • I firmly support our Leader, the Honourable Jason Kenney and will do what it takes to support his success and that of our Party in serving all Albertans with integrity.
  • I possess the education, the strong and demonstrated business acumen and experience to help bring prosperity back to Alberta as the MLA for Calgary-Currie.

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